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Those Seahawks jerseys though

Shout out to @PeytonMannings Forehead @VTCrunkler @Atlantafan21  for keeping this discussion about the game and not trying to use every good play for either team as a way to complain about the Falcons

I love the shot of the FGs when it’s a home win. Those guys in the end zone directly behind the pylons.  I love it when the first guys see it and jump up then a second later the whole stadium is

Just now, Ovie_Lover said:

His route running is horrible. He can't cut at all. Watch the video of him doing a curl route. He takes 10 steps just to turn around.

That's why I said stay disciplined with routes,  he is in the perfect situation for that. Pete is gonna make him into the next Hopkins/Julio. He is going to work with him on route running 

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1 minute ago, Jerz #Quinning said:

They have better athletes with a nose for the ball(instincts). We just have Debo and occasionally Neal

The athletes we have are fine. There’s nothing we have on this roster prohibiting us from playing solid defense.


they play to their fundamentals. We have none.

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