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Jarrett on Quinn

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4 minutes ago, ChickenBiscuit said:

28-3 didn't ruin the "psyche" of this regime or whatever psuedo-analytical bs that is.

Kyle Shanahan, one of the best OCs in the league, left our team to go be the head coach at San Fran. And we were left with a "defensive guru" head coach that did not have the cap space to replicate his legion of boom in Seattle.

We had an identity with KS. He left, and he took our identity with him. We tried to hire Steve Sarkisian which was pretty much a disaster until he looked OKAY in 2018 -- and the ONLY reason people are saying Sark was actually good is because Koetter is just flat out awful.

That's not really true at all, at least for some of us.  There was a divide while Sark was here and a few of us were very much pro Sark even given his head scratcher play calling at times (Taylor Gabriel Jet Sweet from the 3 I'm looking at you).  The fact that the offense is struggling under Koetter just highlights and underscores how much Sark went underappreciated by the masses. 

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5 minutes ago, Butudontseeme™ said:

Were you at the game Sunday? The crowd (those of us in our seats) was totally deflated after that first series when we had two No Calls on Pass interference when being more obvious than the other. 

I was not, but you could tell on the broadcast.  I WILL be at the Cards game though...I hope they don't make me look like an idiot.

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3 hours ago, caponine said:

this is a slippery slope , im fine with Jarrett’s message but other teammates may not be.

I agree, but honestly if any teammates are offended by this. Then they are only collecting a paycheck as of now, and need to be benched.

I would rather have a ps squad guy who's hungry and still show fire

Instead of some check cashers

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3 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

I hate it man because I look forward to football season every year but I always keep it in the back of my head that I know these fools gonna find a way to fold whether it be in the regular season or in the playoffs. I'm pretty sure this Sunday will be like the past 2 Sunday's where I'm outside with the kids in the 2nd quarter living my best life lol

^^^^^^^ This.

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5 hours ago, capologist said:

I believe the physical talent is there, not so sure about the mental talent though...

I wouldn’t use the word physical in the same sentence as any of our back 7 right now (LOB was talking about their back 7 right?). 

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6 hours ago, Francis York Morgan said:


We need a leader among players. A guy who's loud and proud and holds everyone accountable. Doesn't matter how many great players you have like Jarrett and Debo if no one is holding people accountable to play as a unit.

It sucks, because I still do like Quinn. People can forget about him being in 3 Superbowls in 4 years all they want. But he can coach...just don't know that it's enough. I wonder how much the Falcons curse gets in some guys heads. 28-3 might've ruined this regime's shot.

I thought they responded well in 2017. They should do the best they can and don't worry about it.

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6 minutes ago, blkbigdog35 said:

You need a straight dawg on this defense!!  Yeah I understand he’s not going to call anyone out but whose honestly that guy on defense who demands better?  Right now I could care less what they are saying in front of the camera.  It’s time to be about it!!! 

Not sure who’s out there that is one. Wilkerson?? 

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20 hours ago, Butudontseeme™ said:

I don’t know man... I’m pretty shell shocked from 28-3 and I’m not even on the team... this whole fan base is constantly in a state of “here we go again.” I can’t imagine how being on the field magnifies that feeling. 

Agree. That was 28-3 in the biggest game these players had ever played in their whole lives, and quite likely the only time they'll be in that situation. Their epic plummet into the Pit of Misery and Futility sent shock waves around the globe. Completely above and beyond all previous big-game disintegrations on record. That could definitely leave a scar in your psyche.

To have that game so well in hand in the first half and then get trashed in the second half would linger with you. Especially if you continue on with the same players and same HC/DC still around. But it may not be what's on their minds when they trot out on the field on Sundays. Their thoughts right now are probably something like, "please don't let us lose and look like shjt again this week" which would be understandable, but hopefully it's a lot more positive. I'm hoping they're mad as **** and want to take it out on the Texans.

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On 10/2/2019 at 11:03 AM, ya_boi_j said:

Sure doesn't. That's why I hate making comparisons and seeing people attempt to make comparisons. There is no Earl Thomas type, Kam Chancellor type, Richard Sherman type, Bobby Wagner type, Michael Bennett type on this defense. Never was. Those guys were consistently great. As good as Neal, Jones, Allen, sometimes Trufant can be, they have never been on the same level as those guys in Seattle, especially at a consistent rate. And peeps actually thought Quinn being the playcaller would instantly make the defense better. No way man. I don't think Manuel did anything to earn the title of DC but he certainly wasn't the issue and it's showing now

This was one of my biggest concerns when he came here...there was a significant amount of talk that you needed somebody like him to really make his system shine...my thought right away was "Well, unless getting a player like that, or at least very close to it is a certainty, is slapping that template on the Falcons' D even a good idea to begin with?"

They also had a darn good DL, both in terms of starting talent AND depth. It seemed pretty dicey to me that whole thing was going to work to begin with, because we were going to need a LOT of pieces.

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On 10/3/2019 at 6:55 AM, Francis York Morgan said:

Tbh I think the talent on this defense is absurdly overstated. We have one great LB, one great DT, a couple good secondary players (Neal and Trufant), and then everyone else is decent or flat out bad. They're at 16th DVOA, 9th YPG. Not great, but hardly terrible (the last couple weeks have been admittedly awful).

On offense, we have an NFL MVP QB, the best WR in the NFL, were going to have all 1st rounders on the OL, an elite TE, Pro Bowl RB, the best three deep WR corps in the NFL...and we're 21st in DVOA. 

We have one of the worst skews in the league, salary-wise, towards the offense. The team is built to win due to the offense. And we're 28th in PPG. That's unacceptable, especially when the defense is built to play with a lead.

For the record, I don't know that he can fix this team. So it's fair if he gets fired. They're broken. But I guarantee he'll succeed wherever he goes next.

I been beating this drum aswell.

The offense is this teams calling card.They have to lay the platform and 17.5 a game isn’t it.Even when Sark has it what was it 23-24 that’s still shy of where we should be which I believe should be in the 27-30 area.

This shouldn’t be a to bigger ask in my eyes.The problem being with the way our players are being used smells of scheme and lack of creativity.

Now are players responsible he’ll yes they are.The fact they are continuing to make these mistakes is a bigger issue.Also the fact we are churning through coaches in the last few years points at internally we are broken.Ultimately that’s on our HC’s decision making and his hires.

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