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Are we the worst team in the NFC South?

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Carolina and New Orleans are doing better than us with backup QBs. 

Carolina has a great defense, and enough weapons that even Kyle Allen is balling. New Orleans has an assortment of weapons on offense and a pass rush paired with some dirty little overrated DBs. Tampa Bay just dropped 55 and could easily be 3-1 if not for a missed chip shot field goal against NYG.

Would a firing of DQ make for a better chance to salvage this season or worsen it?

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13 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Right now without a doubt. We are pushing for worst team in the league. Everyone says we're loaded with talent, so what do you think the problems is right now? 

Hint: there is only one answer.

Everybody saw Waffle House with his pony tail having self saying he don’t hear the booing. Trust, brutha man hears “that $ h i t” and he knows that his team is utter rubbish. I hate to talk about my team like this, but we suck!!!!!!! I would like to think it bothers JJ. I could see it does. 

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10 minutes ago, SoldMySoul said:

Make no mistake, we are INDEED the worst in the south and possibly the worst In the bottom five. We not only suck, but we suck a whole line of you know what. Just being honest. 

I don't know actually. Coke? Straws? D!cks? Tootsie Roll Pops? More Coke? My mind is adrift in the endless possibilities.

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