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Braves vs Cardinals NLDS

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1 hour ago, Spts1 said:

EXACTLY.  What makes this bad is the Braves actually caused this in the first place by making a big deal about Acuna.  The Cardinals seized upon this.  They were like if the Braves don't respect their own star player, why should we respect their star player, in fact, why should we respect the Braves AS A TEAM? 

Brian McCann.  He is normally in the middle of the " respect the game " stuff.  Where was he during this.  A few years ago he challenged a Milwaukee Brewer player ( Carlos Gomez) at home plate after he looked at a homer  against the Braves.  Where was McCann at during the Molina fiascos?  McCann didn't even allow Gomez to touch homeplate.  Freddie was in the middle of it.  The Brewers WHOLE BENCH cleared out and supported Gomez.  

Image result for brian mccann challenges milwaukee brewer player



Wow, miss those days!

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So if your boys tell you not to do something repeatedly, and you go and do it anyway, they should come to your rescue.. 

does Ronald have no fault in this supposed beef?

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