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PFF Team Of The Week: Campbell & Matthews


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I’ve been very harsh on these two this year; however, they did have very solid games last week.  Surprised to see Dre with so many solo tackles since he has been crap all year.  

Need more performances like this by the other 20 on the field to turn things around.   Looking at you Julio, Ryan, Mack, Tru, Grady & Debo.  No other team has so many players paid top three at their position. Time for you boys to earn your keep

Two Falcons players make PFF’s team of the week


The Falcons have put themselves in a tough situation by losing three of their first four games in 2019. Despite a devastating loss to the Titans on Sunday, two players were named to the Pro Football Focus team of the week.

Linebacker De’Vondre Campbell and left tackle Jake Matthews were both highlighted for their Week 4 performances.

Campbell led the team with 17 total tackles and two forced fumbles, earning himself an elite PFF grade of 91.5. Read what they had to say about him below.

Despite being on the losing end of the scoreline, Campbell’s performance on the field on Sunday was definitely worthy of praise. Of his 10 solo tackles, four resulted in a defensive stop, and he forced two fumbles on the day. He was thrown at three times in coverage, but the two receptions he allowed went for just one yard.

Jake Matthews being on here might be a surprise to some, but he was Atlanta’s best offensive lineman on Sunday.

After some struggles over the first three weeks of the season, Matthews delivered his best performance of 2019 on Sunday. From 63 pass-blocking snaps, he allowed just one hurry, with no sacks or hits against his name.

The Falcons have 12 more games to right the ship. They’ll need more than just a few good individual performances to get to the postseason, though.

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Ehh... Seeing this one in person, I can't agree. The "passes in coverage" to Campbell were short stuff and a screen. Nothing difficult. None of what he did was overly difficult. PFF can give him an elite grade for that, but he didn't really make any game changing plays. Even his forced fumble was just a well timed strike on the sideline. Didn't turn the ball over. You can keep those. 

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