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What do the Falcons even offer a new head coach?

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A chance to make history. Be the first coach to blow a SB......uh........wait. Be the first coach to quit midseason and scream Woooo Soooeee pig!!!! Oh wait, never mind. Welll....OH Yeah!! Be the first coach to believe he drafted the Ole Miss QB only to draft a small QB from USM who only goes on to be traded and become a SB MVP and winner. Wait....... oh well. I tried.

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3 hours ago, JiveAF said:

Hey guys. Back with another article. I look at reasons why a potential coach may even want to come to Atlanta, if the Falcons in fact move on from Dan Quinn. 



Lots and lots of money.


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I think any new coach should think long and hard before coming to ATL.  If we have talented players, great coaches and (I believe) dedicated ownership, why are we losing?  Are players not motivated?  Are we outcoached?  What if its the dreaded "culture" word.  The Falcons have a losing culture.  Deeply instilled, acquired over time.  It usually takes a massive personnel correction to get rid of the bad culture and then try to develop a new culture, more in line with goals.  It also takes a lot of time.  Years in Football time.

I suggest we keep what we have and  FIX IT NOW.  I am sure there are football experts that can  point out our failures. I don't care if its in the locker room, on the field, coaches, water boy, whoever.  Get on the train now or you will not have a ticket next year.

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