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Since 2013 Falcons are 47-53 with 3 playoff wins with Ryan at Qb

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3 playoff wins in 5 years, 47-53 record, and we have/had fans that actually believe Ryan should be in the HOF.. Now we have an aging QB, consistently under throws receivers over 25 yards, is a magnet for sacks (sure some is oline, but Ryan is sloooow), comes out in the 4th quarter to pad stats with check downs and leads the league in inceptions..and we have this guy for at least 3 more years.. Ryan is probably a huge reason we couldnt attract a big name HC to Atlanta. Look at what KS is doing with Garoppolo in SF. :shrug:

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Just now, mattyicefalcon said:

Ryan is the reason we are relevant and went to Superbowl where he was the MVP of the league.

Give Ryan ...cowboys, saints or Patriots defense.

He will get you back to back Lombardi! 

Ryan is the reason we have 47 wins. When did you ever see the defense or ST take over and win the game for Falcons? I can’t even remember a ST TD or a blocked punt in years. 

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3 hours ago, wartownfalcon said:

Ryan’s stats or Jimmy G’s stats

Yds. 5
 TDs. 4 INTs  
96.3 rating
 Yds. 8
 TDs. 6 INTs. 
93.1 rating

Jimmy G is 8-1 when he has rating less than 100. Falcons have terrible record even with Ryan having rating over 100. SF defense is underrated.

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Ryan is having a bad year so far for him but he is certainly not the cause for our previous issues. Honestly every long playing QB has a bad year but take last year for example he had nearly the same numbers as his MVP year but the team finished 7-9.

Are you really going to blame last year's record on Ryan or the last two years of the Mike Smith Regime on Ryan?

Pretty silly to just count wins/loses to tag to a QB without looking at that QB's actual performance and the surroundings circumstances that may have lead to an under .500 record.

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1 minute ago, KCFalcon22 said:

There aren't many areas where we look good right now.  But, I will say this, the defense has allowed Matt to win games.  All of his comeback wins, are subject to the defense getting a stop when WE needed it.  This year, those stops aren't happening.

Throw a dart at a historical ranking sheet for our defense and the chances are stupid high you hit something where they ranked mid 20s. 

The offense has consistently been tops in most major categories over the years. Ryan's comeback wins are certainly thanks to the defense but not in the way you think.

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There is at least a degree of legitimacy to this observation.  Generally, QB production at Ryan’s level correlates to team performance...but for the Falcons it can be strangely disassociated.

Last two weeks are a perfect example of that...really 6 quarters of atrocious football by the Falcons yet Ryan’s stats are as follows:

64/87 701 3/1

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