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Lets review some of our bad plays on offense [Coaches Film] [GIFs]

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5 minutes ago, kiwifalcon said:

Just had another look at how Sark used #11.

Crosses against zone

Rubs stacking receivers at the LOS.

Passing out of run looks.

The film is all there with the protection we have here now we should easily be able to do better than what we are doing.

Man. I would’ve never thought of the day when Sark’s playcalling and scheming would be referenced in a positive light. 

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Thought I might make some gifs of our bad plays so that we can get a better look at them than what the broadcast shows us.   RT #76 gets whooped and Ryan has to get it out quick to Ridley wh

Shanahan talked about this in 2015, back when everyone thought he was an idiot and wanted Koetter back (LOL).  He said, basically, he runs a lot of 21 personnel because it's hard to run the ball witho

As easy as it is to point out the miscues from the offensive line, for the most part this season, Matt has had a clean pocket. It's just that bad results follow. Now that's not to say the pass protect

6 minutes ago, NWFALCON said:

Man. I would’ve never thought of the day when Sark’s playcalling and scheming would be referenced in a positive light. 

I’m just don’t understand why we aren’t using our 2 main strike receivers and design plays that actually work for them.

I love what Sanu and Hooper did last week but if we want to win football games our strike weapons are what are going to do it.

Its almost as though our OC sees what teams are doing and goes somewhere else not realising that’s exactly what teams want us to do.

I mean who’d you rather beat you Sanu/Hooper or Ridley and Jones no disrespect to the first mentioned.

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I think PHI and IND games showed promise for the offense, but the game last week vs TEN was just awful. We played into their coverages and tried to do too much to get back in the game...maybe fearing the D wouldn't get stops just like the IND game and if we took too much time to come back it wouldn't matter.

So, to me the real issue is starting fast on both sides of the ball...

However, we gotta call based on what they are willing to give as well. Matt had plenty of time often last week and there was just no one open.

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