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Is the Real Problem with the Falcons - Money?


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Someone hinted at this in another comment on another site elsewhere but it really has to make you think.  Is the problem with the Falcons this year simply money?

Freeman, Ryan, Debo, Matthews, Mack, Jarrett, Julio (not yday or wk 1), Beasley, Bosher, Trufant, ....

Is it too much of a trend that the guys who have all signed big contracts recently are all playing below their expected levels?  Do they have anything really to play for except maybe a SB ring?  Are they like the veteran employees at corporate looking forward to retirement?


Hooper, Ito, Sanu, McGary, Ridley (at least the 1st couple of weeks), Campbell, ....

Is it just a coincidence that all of these players playing well are youngsters on a rookie contract or veterans about to hit FA?  Do they have something to play for other than a ring?


There are exceptions on both sides but something is not right with the Falcons.  They are playing half-hearted, not paying attention to details, and seem totally unmotivated.  Do they only care about money right now?


Blank - is he simply happy that he has sold most of the seats already in the stadium for this year and could care less about how the team does any more?  Does he figure he will sign a new HC next year with some great new slogan and sucker more fans into buying tickets for 2020?

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It's always about the money.

In this business you make money by winning football games.  Plain and simple.

That's why the NFL doesn't have fully guaranteed contracts like the NBA or MLB.  If you don't perform they will get rid of you.

I guess people forget how cutthroat the NFL is.

You're talking about 10-12 players on a 50 man roster that are un-cuttable this year.

The bottom half of the roster is more or less week to week.

If you're bad enough the team will eat the cap hit.

And I think the AB saga has shown that 'guaranteed' money isn't exactly guaranteed. 

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