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Observation From The First 4 Weeks


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Shaq Barrett is better than Vic Beasley , That kid is really good. He has been killing it. Ive watched him the last few weeks and man he’s a terror. Meanwhile vic continues to whiff  and get pushed out of plays smh, why cant we get a player like Barrett ?? That was supposed to be Takk but mehhhh. 

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7 minutes ago, The Great American said:

My observation:

I used to be like - 

Image result for eating popcorn during football game


Now I be like - 

Image result for sleeping on sofa


My care level is really dropping this season  


I literally forgot there was a game yesterday. I checked out last year after that awful loss to the Browns. Glad I did because we've been arguably the worst team in the league since then.

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Im still watching but my interest level is definitely tanking.... Ive been a fan so long -I cant stop watching. Its Like being in an abusive relationship, U should leave but u stay hoping things get better.Only to repeat the cyle. We have too many talented players to perform like this -I really feel like Quinn is out this yr if we miss the playoffs

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