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Why Matt Ryan takes so many sacks


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1 minute ago, NeonDeion said:

So you think all great QBs have mobility but Brady doesn’t and somehow that makes sense. What’s your point?


Key word is pocket presence my man. When you have neither good pocket presence nor mobility you are you usually at the DC's whim if he pulls the blitz.

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7 hours ago, NeonDeion said:

2016 Ryan has plenty of pocket presence 

Ryan played out of his mind last 3 years and that’s including best pocket presence of his life.

He takes a lickin’ and keeps on ticking.


Mobility isn’t the issue, he factually takes few sacks per dropback and has amazing pocket presence.


these guys are straight trollin’! 2A45F05D-66FE-471E-96BA-7302A7741CD1.jpeg.c1c4a2715f27a10913df51c3d060c199.jpeg

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10 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

Yep that’s absolutely horse manure,I’m with you Dave.

Russell Wilson’s probably thee only mobile QB that’s won the big game all the rest for the most part have come up short.

This whole Ryan thing is what it is.If your an OC you design the game plan on what the QB is good at.Ryans strengths are getting it out quick setting up his long ball off of a strong run game or a short passing game to open up down field.What you don’t do is let ego get in the way and continue to pound your head on the wall waiting for a perfect storm type of deal and that’s what it looks like with DK MM and co.

These class clowns are intent on enforcing there wills on the other team who are taking there game plans and are shoving it back down our throats.

Another example pounding Free between the Gs when his successful part of his career has been out wide in space with a 2 way go or getting him matched up on LBers.

This **** show we are watching now is all on our coaching staff.They can’t seem to be able to get this group to perform that’s it nothing else.

The Ryan conversation is purely a sidebar to what’s going on behind the scenes.



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It cracks me up that you guys are bashing Ryan.  And stupidly too.  He absolutely makes throws in tight windows.  He has solid pocket presence.  Yeah, he isn't particularly mobile.  So what?  Most QBs aren't.  He's a **** good QB. 

Like I said earlier, if you want to understand what is happening to your offense, look at what we are doing now in Tampa compared to the last few years.  We haven't had a running game in years, now we do and a RB who Koetter wouldn't play all year last year is having a great start to the season (4.7 ypc).  Winston is suddenly playing like a real QB.  Ryan's numbers look just like Jameis' of the past.  (For example, Jameis has better/comparable stats than Ryan this year already and  3 of his 5 INTs were't his fault at all when the past few years he's been a turnover machine).  We are scoring in the red zone, and our OL is playing better than it has with 4 of the same guys.

Koetter can't figure out a running game. He's too **** predictable.  He forces QBs into having to make high risk/reward throws and doesn't give them easy checkdowns.  It's too heavy with max protect and RB in to block.  Winston's mobility bailed him out over and over here.  Plus Dirk is a whiny little biatch,  We've seen him lying about stuff we saw him do on camera.  He makes excuses. He puts players in a doghouse. He gets pissy over little things. When you need him to be clutch, he will make the wrong call.  

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