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What do you think Dan Quinn could do differently with the players he has to get the defense balling?

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All of this feels like someone who has lost confidence and is searching for something. I really feel like that Super Bowl loss messed with Quinn’s head. He is too smart of a coach to not have this unit playing better. 

I do think someone else made a great point in that we don’t have a leader on defense. If we had that veteran leader, he would have let Trufant have it over his terrible play.

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Probably just start blitzing like crazy. F it, at this point. Time to play this "aggressive" football he keeps preaching. 

Exactly. Two of those Mariota touchdowns were against blitzes. All the blitz did was take a man out of coverage and make his read that much easier.   We need to put more hands in the dirt an

At least put someone in the box to tell him what's going on. Harry Douglas was just on 92.9.  He said something that jumped off the page at me.  He said when he was in Atlanta under Koetter, they

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