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And the Falcons are dead last in the division

Sun Tzu 7

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1 minute ago, Romfal said:

Carolina winning with Kyle Allen, Bucs putting 50 on the Rams, Saints playing all-around solid. Dan Quinn should take notes instead of running perfect practices

Allen > Cam at this point so that's actually there future. The Bucs have Arians now so good coach = good team. We have there trash as our OC.... sooo.... yea... 

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11 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

Every other team in the division won Today

Saints keep winning without Brees.

And let’s be honest.  The Falcons look nothing close to a playoff team.

Let's be honest. The Falcons are not even remotely competitive at the moment, and I don't see anything changing with that over the course of the season.

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9 minutes ago, ThemDarnFalconsBoy! said:

I've been saying we'd go 8 - 8 but after the showing from the rest of the NFC South, especially the two teams with the backup QBs, we're looking more like 5 - 10 - 1.

I don't see anything more than a 3 win season at best right now.

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