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Blank will now have to choose between Quinn and Ryan

I Even Bleed Red

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If we continue to lose --> Quinn will be fired. 

To keep his job Quinn will have to say --> let you show you we can win without Ryan. 

IF Blank allows, Ryan will be on the hot seat. 

If Quinn gets it wrong --> he's definitely gone. 

OR Blank sticks with Ryan. And gets rid of Quinn. Ryan still gets on the hot seat.


Ryan might be in the hot seat already, directly from Blank, that's why he was so pissed today and broke character and blamed the defense!

It's clear Ryan has lost "a step." (Luck retired before he got to that point! Or before things got to this point)

Will Blank move on from Ryan regardless of what happens with Quinn? 

Is Blank still the GODFATHER or has he become softer over the years? 

That's the questions that will be answered if we make big changes or "stay the course". 

Bill Belicheck is no genius, he's just heartless af. Whoever is in charge of that organization has to be. 



Ps - what will happen with TD??? Stay tuned. 


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1 minute ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

If you bench ryan, you wont win a single game this season.


but ok.




1 minute ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Lol why would we bench Matt? Do y’all wanna watch Schaub throw pick sixes or something? 

Fair point, I concede. I will now EDIT my post

To move on from Ryan next year. 


But the bigger point still stands.

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3 minutes ago, I Even Bleed Red said:

What are you trying to say, big bro?

He is saying it is pretty much impossible to not have Ryan as your starting QB for the next 3 to 5 years because of the cap hit that would require to cut him.  Plus you aren't going to find another top 5 to 10 QB to replace him anyway without trading 2 to 3 1st round picks for one at minnimum or paying a QB another 150 to 200+ million contract if one thats a little below ryans level hit's FA like a kirk cousins type player or something.   Then at that point you have Ryans 100 million cap hit plus another 200 million contract over the next 5 years for a QB thats even worse than ryan.  or you are out 3 or so 1st round picks and still wasting 100 million in cap space. 

It's literally not possible at all and honestly is quite dumb to even debate getting rid of ryan at this point nor should we because theirs not much better than you can get than a top 5 to 10 QB in the nfl.    It is much more intelligent to replace coaches again and try to find one that has a mind set of a shannahan type play caller that works well with Ryan in what he does best.  Because it's been proven over the years Ryan with the right scheme and this talent we have is MVP quality and can play well enough to put us in the correct position to win a SB if the coach's don't fail them.

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12 minutes ago, Jesus said:

No, he won’t.

Why does he have to get rid of Ryan? He threw for almost 400 yards today. Who else picked this team up and tried to win?


Peeps don’t watch the games. Ryan should throw the ball, get open and catch the ball with out dropping. And also don’t commit a 15 yard penalty on a drive with game on the line.

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Start the rebuild by getting rid of Quinn and the entire Coaching staff! TD must go as well as most of his draft picks are hot garbage! The entire front office and strength and conditioning department needs a overall as well! Basically anyone around for 28-3 needs to be gone with three exceptions Ryan, Julio, And Grady Jarret!

Ryans fate can be decided by the new coach/GM if Blank hires like he should a proven Super Bowl winner who has the special talent for motivation and winning like Tony Dungy or Bill Cowher? Then they determine if Ryan still has it or if he will be traded for draft picks?

Make Grady and maybe Deion Jones the only ones from the 28-3 defense to be part the new rebuilt defense but bring in young talent in the draft to challenge them both!

Julio is a generational talent being currently wasted! He needs a Offensive Coordinator who knows how to scheme him like Shanahan did, a Head Coach who understands how to motivate and use him in game and a QB with the arm strength to allow him to get the ball downfield!


everyone else is cut/released/traded and a complete rebuild commences!!!




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14 minutes ago, Weir1419 said:

Haha I don’t think they win regardless so why not just tank for Tua. Tua with Julio and Ridley and a super Offensive minded HC. 

This... I've been begrudgingly against this but Ryan has regressed.he was never elite but better than average had 2 great seasons but he's not the athlete that these young guns are now coming out of college. Draft Tua and let him sit behind Ryan a season then let's see. We do need to clean house with staff, all of them. 

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