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Grow the **** up!


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You know whats funny to me is people see this video and alot of them have never actually played a snap of football in their life but after seeing this think he would be perfect for a HC because he is on their *****. (note i am not talking about anyone specifically when i say this im just using it as a blanket statement for alot of people that are like this or could be)   What they don't know is in person you might see a nice and friendly Quinn or Smitty or whoever the HC is but behind the scenes coming from someone who played a good while for quite a few different coaches.  All HC's get in your *** just like that and Quinn and Smitty are no exception.  I promise you that they are just as nasty as he was in that video and probably jumps on the coordinators like that too for allowing their players to be like that and make plays like that.  What you see in public almost assuredly isn't what you see behind closed doors and in film session.

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