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Enough talk, if we want Quinn gone, it's up to this board

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58 minutes ago, PK Manley said:

Like clockwork.  When the Falcons are doing bad, people start acting like a message board has something to do with it.

I don't quite get the meaning of your post.  But you are right.  Falcons are doing very bad football.  Dropped catches... missed kicks... no defense.  Just bad in all categories.  Did we go a game without a thrown interception?

I do believe Mr Blank has eyes.  Empty stadium is more relevant than a message board.

So when do you think this ongoing sloppy football and overall sukyness going to stop?

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I would have fired him after going for it on 4th down on their 10 yd line. I don’t care that they got a first down. We should never have been in that position and we certainly never should have tried it. Also... every time someone on the team makes a bonehead play or an inexcusable penalty they show Quinn and EVERY TIME he is clapping. Sabin wouldn’t be clapping, Belicek wouldn’t be clapping. He isn’t serious.

 Our play calling kills us! Our coaching attitude kills us, it ain’t OK!

i want to enjoy football not have to take a Xanax because I feel like my head is about to pop! 

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