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5 minutes ago, Vandy said:

I did miss it Zeke, Sorry.

And Smitty didn’t have near the caliber players Quinn has. 

Tired of all the Quinn apologists making excuses for him. Shanny coached us to a SB, our ‘Defensive Guru’ has not improved our defense in 4+ seasons.  

Yep. I'd rather give Ryan a competent OC, I know he can carry us when given that.

I don't know how we can look as good as we did with Ryan under Sark and look this bad this year.

NFL games are decided more by the chess match than anything else.

However, on one drive we had 3 consecutive drops ending with Sanu in the endzone.

We gotta get a TD there. Even with the hole from defense getting burned early we could've made it a game like vs least they were getting some stops in the 4th Q.

Our interior OL was getting abused by Casey all game. Once Brown went down, the interior OL fell off even more. Missing Lindstrom settling in by now...

Our gadget plays were off.

Feels like we're left with no-huddle Matt being the best option we got on the entire team.

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4 hours ago, FalconsIn2020 said:

Why is Dan calling any plays on offense?

Think you are reading too far into it. Hes probably telling them to go for it not the play.

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