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3 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

But I have something to say...please bear with me...I have something important to say. ..


The Falcons.   The Falcons...

Ok ...wait....ok Im ready

The Falcons Suck . 


ROH it’s just laughable right now that we are this freakin bad!!

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So bad!   Any sort of momentum they start to gain on offense someone manages to **** it up!

I've never had confidence in this defense to stop the pass or the run.  

I think this game was the most frustrated I have ever been watching 57 mins of the Birds.


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Yeah I have been watching this team for the past 30 years to be exact and this is the most disheartening pathetic performance that I have seen. It was more understandable when we REALLY sucked as far as talent is concerned but this is horrible. Someone needs to be held accountable for this **** ie Dan Quinn. 

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