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The Falcons came to the game today unprepared.  With this massive and experienced coaching staff, that is inexcusable.  It is hard to believe this many coaches cannot prepare this team for a contest.  However, at this point, I have no doubt that to date they, the coaching staff, have been ineffective.

This is an undisciplined team.  We brought in referees and umpires to practice this week and still we cannot avoid penalties. 

As I watched the offense, I got the sense the game plan was not designed to beat Tennessee.  It may have been a good plan for other teams, but it was not designed to work against the Titans defense.

As I watched the defense, it appeared to me that our corners simply could not cover.  Why the regression?

Arthur Blank has to step in at this point.  I am not suggesting that people will be fired, but an all staff meeting in the morning is required.  Difficult questions must be asked.  Questions like did you have a gamed plan Dirk?  Dan, did you practice the defense this week prior to this game?  Did any of you coaches make adjustments during the game to stop the slide?  Can any of you do your jobs this week or do you think a new career is a better choice for you?

Yes, if I were Arthur Blank, I would be asking those questions.  Anyone who could not answer questions, who could not remain professional, and anyone who could not tell me how this week is going to be different would be shown the door.

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