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What would AB do now?


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2 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

Me too. But I am open to do it early if the team isn’t competitive next week. Do it right after week 5 or let dQ continue.

Depends on if AB has a legitimate hc in mind for the future.. If he does, let him come on in and start rebuilding this team. First order of business try to find a team willing to trade for Ryan, itll be almost impossible but worth a shot.. 

If no permanent hc available, make Quinn ride out the rest of this nightmare and cut ties after the season.. I honestly believe Quinn will resign if we lose the next 3 straight anyway 

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9 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

Option 1:

Trust DQ and hop this teams turns it around. Risk is another lost season.


Fire DQ if they lose next week to HOU. 

Get an interim HC for rest of the year and hope the new coach may light up the fire. 

Option 3: 

Replace DC and keep OC on short leash.. 

what would you do?

Amend Option 3 to replace both the DC and OC.

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2 minutes ago, KRUNKuno said:

You fire him now if you care about making a statement.

You cannot continue to look foolish.  You cannot continue to stand for unpreparedness and no vision.

Cant even call this team mediocre anymore. 

I disagree, Quinn deserves to have to live with this dumpster fire hes created.. He should embrace the suck as he says

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