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He has to go... Your offense and defense is trash... You would at least expect points with all these weapons.  Dude does not have control of the team!

Not a fan of firing people mid-season, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

4th and 1 and Julio not even on the field? Koetter can go with him along with everybody else. 

1 hour ago, virus said:

Approved. Should have fired him after 28-3


Say this all the time.  Wasn't the first time he didn't understand how to use clock, just the most egregious.

He's not a good coach.  

What's the point in letting him finish another lost season?


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50 minutes ago, Skeetbird said:

Yeah I'm good with it. But not until after mid season. We lose a head coach and DC at once. But honestly... that may not be a bad thing.

Why wait until midseason? What good purpose does that do? The sooner Dan Quinn goes away the quicker we can start washing away the smell of him. We can also start figuring out which players deserve to stay or go.

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