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Fire Quinn roll call


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Roanoke Falcon, present and accounted for.

Team not prepared. AGAIN!!!

Team playing undisciplined football. AGAIN!!!

Defense soft, weak, and poorly schemed. AGAIN!!!

This is just horrible football, and with a team with Super Bowl level skill position talent. Poor lines. Horrible coaching.

Dan Quinn needs to be fired during the post-game interview, on-air, by Arthur Blank.

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Just now, Emmitt said:

I’m for it. 


But it for the love of all that’s Holy, bring in someone with a proven track record. I tired of first time head coaches!

First time--- established coach--- collegiate coach--- OC--- DC--- STC--- heck, a TATF call-up!!! I don't care who or what the next coach's background is, as long as the new coach has a clear vision, the ability to clearly enunciate that vision to the (new) GM, excellent team management skills, superb game management skills, and an eye for talented coaches to put in place beneath him (or even her). That is all I care about.

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I say keep DQ!  Switching Coaches you will go through the same roller coaster.  Look at the Steelers they keep their head coach until they decide they are done regardless of winning or losing seasons.  Stay loyal it will all happen under DQ.  We will have losing and winning seasons it is to be expected!  I know its frustrating to see our talented team lose, but we must stand behind them and support them!  I believe in them and all our FALCONS fans should too!  Don't give up on them!  GO FALCONS! RISE UP! 

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