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Yep I was right all along.


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1 minute ago, MAD597 said:

So where are the homers now? I saw it in pre season that this was a trash team. We had 5 pre season games and our coaches decided our players could lounge around.

AB better fire Quinn either during or before the Bye week.

nah man let him pump out a few more Ls before we fire him so we can get the draft position. 

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Perhaps 1966 was an accursed year to begin an NFL Franchise. Any Numerology experts around here? Is there something Accursed about the number 1966?

Man, I remember those first Atlanta Falcons football cards that I had as a kid: Tommy Nobis and Junior Coffey. Can you imagine what Tommy Nobis is doing right now? He's probably got plans to haunt the crap out of a few of these Falcons players on this team.


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Play calling is weak and super vanilla, Ryan’s accuracy is a problem because hes scared for his life behind that patchwork o line. 

you hand Ryan the starting position in 2008 and have never put any competition behind him, even Brady has had competition behind him keeping on his game at the highest level. 

ryan got spoiled with Shannahan giving him wide open wide receivers to throw to due to excellent play calling and play design. 

our front office has reached paying players and not been getting great return on investment. 

we have failed to put a consistent run game behind Ryan once Turner burned out. 

freeman would be a good change up in most other offenses. 

and people can say what they want about preseason. It matters when you lose as many consecutive games as we have, it shows that the talent being drafted for depth is subpar

i would have fired Dimitroff years ago, the teams success the last few seasons has been despite him 

I really thought bringing Koetter back would be okay, but I don’t see the same innovation he had in his first stint. Winston ruined him

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