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4 minutes ago, fibonaccisquared said:

Seems high? He wasn't making more than 1.5 total here was he? And on a 2 year contract?

Reading the article is because he had 2+ years remaining on a 3 year total deal through 2022, but it's still a bit odd given that he was seemingly given the opportunity to remain on staff... Maybe legal language was iffy enough that a demotion constituted a breach of contract, so voluntarily leaving in the wake of that change may not have nullified buyouts... Or at least it was questionable enough to not waste time/PR on not paying it out. 

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This is too true of UGA fans

Rivals has confirmed Monken is replacing Coley as the OC and Monken will have playcalling duties. They are not sure what Coley's role is at this time.

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Coley probably argued he was fired as OC which breached the contract and entitled him to payout. Even if he stayed on staff the contract was for the OC position not AHC. Coley was obviously upset about the change though so he wasnt staying regardless. It was a costly mistake by Kirby but one he learned from and quickly corrected. Everyone comes out better and UGA isnt exactly hurting in the financial side anyway.

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1 hour ago, VA F.O. said:

I have no problem with it. Whatever your problems with Coley's playcalling may be, the fact is he did the job he was hired to do. We were the ones who decided to move on from him. We're better because of the change, but Coley deserves everything he was originally promised. 

Yeah. I'm not worried about paying it out. Just was curious as to the rationale. Definitely looks like we're all saying the same thing... Demotion changes terms and gives potential legal basis for Coley to argue... We certainly don't want to be seen as an unreasonable institution with regards to salary/contract to future hires. All in all makes sense to pay it out. 

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