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I don’t care where they come from keep bringing these hot rumors.  So much better than yesterday and when the Pitt news hit.  

I heard a conversation that bled over on my phone line that a UPS driver heard Bobo called into the Tate center to make sure they had his size of pullover in stock. 

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This is too true of UGA fans

Rivals has confirmed Monken is replacing Coley as the OC and Monken will have playcalling duties. They are not sure what Coley's role is at this time.

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10 minutes ago, Turkeydawg said:

 IF Kirby is on that plane and can snag Bobo, I hope it’s second stop is in Oxford.  We need to get that OL hire in place ASAP, to keep the guys we have committed.

Getting Bobo in a duel hc-oc-qb coach role is far more important than any recruit or OL coach, that is priority 1, and everything else can go to bed- to many we have had the best ol coach in the world for several years now- doesn’t matter- we need life in our offense, besides bobo and Kirby beside each other recruiting will be enough they are monsters on recruiting trail- again we need life and change on offense- we can lose all ol recruits for all I care we need this to happen! (I’m kinda kidding there but u get my point) 

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13 minutes ago, Turkeydawg said:

Not according to Rusty.  He just said that Kirby has been confirmed to be in Athens right now.

There’s very little information coming out from the guy who confirmed that. Sounds like Bobo still is undecided. The only thing I’m comfortable with is Matt Luke will likely e the next OL coach. 

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7 minutes ago, LawDawg said:

Getting excited about these Bobo rumors the same way I was getting excited about the SECCG. :rolleyes:



I was already to throw myself into recruiting to forget about SECCG - cannot even do that now since we don’t even know whose on staff right now.

Before players, gotta recruit coaches.

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2 minutes ago, Bdawg58 said:

Bobo to South Carolina is final... I guess the hold up was the staff Bobo is bringing with him contracts. Those are complete. On to Matt Luke, hope we offer him OL coach and co-OC to help Coley 

Yup. Just like the SECCG. Got my hopes up for a quick sec, then everything comes crashing down.


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