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Virginia vs Notre Dame

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Are the Irish for real or was the Georgia game a result of the Irish coaching staff and players going into a extra gear because of the stakes of that game?  We will see today as they face a tough Virginia team.  Vegas isn't sure either because the spread is only 10.5 favoring the Irish.  I say the Irish are real and cover...BARELY...

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1 hour ago, Falconsfan567 said:

I don't know how much of a great win this is for Notre Dame. Virginia last week barely escaped losing at home against Old Dominion.

it's a great win imo not because of who they beat, but how often do we see teams play a game like they did last week and lose.. then the next week not showup and lose.  it's a real problem for bounce back games..  that's why i was happy uga had a bye week after notre dame. 

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21 hours ago, AF89 said:

Notre Dame probably has as good a defense as you'll find outside the SEC/Clemson

Someone made the statement that ND is better on offense than any team remaining on our schedule.  That might be debatable with Missouri possibly being a challenge offensively and Auburn is on a roll against some bad defenses.  But there isn't another offense on our schedule that scares you.

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