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Tanking In College Football

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How do you guys feel about what Dana Holgorson is doing at Houston convincing his senior QB D'Eriq King and WR Keith Corbin to take the redshirt and sit out the rest of the season because Houston is 1-3 and their chances of having a great season are over?

I already admitted last year to hating this 4-game redshirt rule that gives players an extra year of eligibility, but this is nothing like the Kelly Bryant or Jalen Hurts situation. At least with those guys they took the redshirt after losing their starting spot and went somewhere else where they'll be the starter. King and Corbin aren't leaving Houston. They'll be back there next year as starters. I don't like this one bit. I don't see how anyone on that Houston team, especially the Seniors who aren't sitting out, can look at these guys or their coach and think anything but "they're giving up on the season." Yes I realize their goal for busting into the CFP is eliminated and they don't have a whole lot left to play for except pride, but I still don't like it.

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If I were a recruit, I would X them off my list of schools in consideration.  Imagine how mad you would be as a teammate , knowing that your coach isn’t concerned about winning all the games moving forward.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see more UH players in the portal after the season.  Seems like grounds for immediate eligibility at another school.

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