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Ryan isn't beyond criticism, but he is far from the problem with this team right now.  Try again.

Average at best?  He’s 7th in yards, 5th in completion percentage, 5th in yards per game, 4th in TDs, and 9th in QBR.   There are 32 QBs in the league.  And Mayfield will likely take the #1 mantle in

Ryan has been terrible. No excuses. His career says he will get it right 

On 9/27/2019 at 8:47 AM, raumin said:

I don't think anyone is drinking the kool-aid. We have watched him for 11 years now. I think we all know what he is and what he can and can't do. He's not ARogers but he's better than the average. Will he make mistakes? Yes. Can you win with him? Yes. Do you need a more complete team around him? Yes. Will he win you some games on his own? Yes. 

But anyone with any football sense knows with INTs the blame goes around. Sure Ryan has been the cause of some, but in the Min game when Ryan hits Sanu in the hands and he bobbles it over his helmet into the defenders arms I guess that's Ryan's fault too. I'm not making excuses but I'm not just looking at the numbers and making assumptions either.


Huh? Sanu bobbled it?  In the Min game his two INTs were off throws to Julio & Stocker. I’m lost here.  

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11 hours ago, ant.accurate said:

And in the first half of games he’s completing 63% of his passes, and in the second half after being down in most games this year it suddenly jumps to 78%.

Likewise, in the first half of al three games combined this season Ryan has one touchdown, the second half after being down double digits, 7. 

And this was to a Vikings team where the QB attempted 10 passes the whole game and Indy with Jacoby Brissett. I’d had wagered before the season the Falcons offense would outperform those two teams with the weapons the Falcons have and Ryan, if those were the scenarios I’d told you before the season, but not the final scores.

now imagine if I’d told you they’d be down by multiple TDs in the first half  in those scenarios with a healthy falcons offense.

When did Matt Ryan start playing defense?

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On 9/27/2019 at 8:38 AM, D.B.N. said:

What is he doing the help the team win? I thought he was untouchable... MattVP right? Ryan is average to above-average at best. The sooner y'all see that, the better. 


On 9/29/2019 at 9:39 AM, treboyplay said:

Huh? Sanu bobbled it?  In the Min game his two INTs were off throws to Julio & Stocker. I’m lost here.  

My bad, I'm getting my games mixed up. It was the Philly game and it was Ridley who tipped it into the defenders hands.

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