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Falcons Penalty Totals & League Rank in DQ era

Ergo Proxy

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1 minute ago, KRUNKuno said:

It’s not always about the number of penalties as opposed to when the penalty occurred.  

A defensive holding call on 2nd and long

An offensive holding call in plus territory

A pass interference call



But the narrative we always have too many penalties in general, isn't the truth.

Agreed on poor timing, but not many penalties are ever at a good time. :shrug:

Get our current season trend back to upper 1/3 of the league and we'll give ourselves a chance is really what it's about.

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7 minutes ago, Realsurfin said:

120+ yards of penalties is like having a  ghost 12'th man on the field for the other team.  We run back the ball to the 40 only to have brought back to half the goal.... kills the chance for a field goal to tie up the score.  Penalties just are bad.  

The amount of special teams penalties on returns should be the narrative for this team, but the grotesquely amount on both sides of ball have made this point moot.

Barner would/should be a league leader in yardage, has certainly made me a believer

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Yep. And people will dismiss it with 'Its the timing of the penalty.'


Which is just bias at work. You don't watch every team. The Falcons have been middle of the pack in first downs via penalty. And the separation is less than a penalty a game.

But anyway, when is a good time for a penalty (outside of preventing a big play)?

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Penalties are really a player problem.  Not so much a coaching problem. Coach can only reprimand them.   Can't spank them except to bench 'em.  Make them pay a fine for each penalty. 5000 bucks a pop.  Donate the money at end of season to a local children's charity.  Penalties cost games period.  They always come at a bad time.  Most times it creates the bad time.  Sloppy players equal Sloppy play.  It cost us games.

Make no excuses.  Just stop! 

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