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Rex Ryan: Falcons Are Cream Puffs

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Rex looks like he eats cream puffs for dinner. 

He's not lying 

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16 hours ago, MAD597 said:

It's TD's fault, every since TD got here our OL's and DL's have been weak, under sized, injury prone and get pushed around.

That sets the tone for the entire team. A big, Strong OL and DL that imposes it's will on opponents would greatly elevate the play of our skill players and give them the attitude and swagger they need to win.

TD is horrible at talent evaluation on the OL and DL and never seems to try and build for strength and size which is key on the trenches.

OK, except for the part where the culture is the coach's job.

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9 hours ago, Iron Saint said:

Lucky for Rex, 3 seats are warm and may have vacancies soon. He can have pick of the litter. :lol:

There will be way more than three seats this off season I am absolutely sure.

But I don’t see him being at the top of many list. 

Too many feet in the buildings for him to stay focused you know... :lol:

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