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Rex Ryan: Falcons Are Cream Puffs

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1 hour ago, MAD597 said:

It's TD's fault, every since TD got here our OL's and DL's have been weak, under sized, injury prone and get pushed around.

That sets the tone for the entire team. A big, Strong OL and DL that imposes it's will on opponents would greatly elevate the play of our skill players and give them the attitude and swagger they need to win.

TD is horrible at talent evaluation on the OL and DL and never seems to try and build for strength and size which is key on the trenches.

Not true! Size doesn't matter.  Just ask these boards...:lol:

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Lol this is the last guy who should be talking about teams not playing well. The guy overachieved twice and been **** ever since. He's a joke and a moron, DQ at least won a ring, this guy ain't **** to even hold DQ's jock strap. I guess people forgot how we played the Eagles, the only cream puff here is his fat ***.

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4 minutes ago, papachaz said:

so what team is he coaching? The man wants to be a coach, but no one will have him. Maybe technically not unemployed, but not employed in the field he wants to be in


You didn’t say anything about a team. ;)

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