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Arch and shock


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38 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Arch is all over it. We just didn’t tackle well on all those checkdowns and so it kept being worth it to do so for them with the YAC they were getting.

I know they try to teach them the Rugby tackle technique and during the game, my wife (who had no idea of the rugby tackle technique) said..."looks like they're diving for the knees and do an alligator roll and it isn't working"

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15 hours ago, slider said:

Yes I know. They're supposed to aim for the waist and wrap and roll. They were missing.

Rolling would not be helpful unless you were trying to turn the ball carrier and in doing so you lose momentum and leverage.  I think the rolling you see is guys trying to correct for taking a bad angle or getting juked a bit.  You see this a lot with Kazee as he comes downhill full speed.

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