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Hawks Preview 2019-20: Training Camp News/Notes: Player and Team Previews/Preseason/Photo Shoots etc


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there are eight new Hawks this season:


Allen Crabbe 


....Crabbe has been one of the most effective shooters at the wing position in the league. ....Crabbe also fits the identity of what the Hawks want on offense — 3s and lots of them.....Crabbe will battle Bembry and Cam Reddish for minutes at the backup shooting guard spot.....Crabbe’s $18.5 million salary will expire at the end of the season, the Hawks certainly could look to trade him around the deadline to potentially receive future assets......he’ll certainly have value for playoff teams needing more shooting.


Bruno Fernando 


Fernando was the only rookie to play more than just a few minutes in Summer League .....he made a few plays that looked encouraging for his future in the NBA, and then there were lots of moments when he just disappeared, and it was easy to forget he was even on the court....he does project as someone who will offer long-term value of rim protection as he has the length and mobility to be effective in that area of his game....he should be empowered to run the floor in the Hawks’ offense and operate much like how the Los Angeles Clippers use Montrezl Harrell.


De’Andre Hunter 


From talking with Hunter’s former coaches, they expect his offensive game to be much better than what he was able to show at Virginia.....how much the Hawks plan to use Hunter other than in a spot-up shooting role this season is unknown......We all know that Hunter was taken to be the defensive anchor for a team that struggled mightily on that end of the floor. There likely will be growing pains for Hunter, but what he showed at Virginia last season should translate with no problem in the NBA. With his 7-foot-2 wingspan, Hunter has the capability to guard 1-4 and possibly 5s in a small-ball lineup.......Hunter is going to have to develop into the defensive menace this organization believes he’ll be one day.


Damian Jones 


Jones still has a lot to prove in Year 4..... The Hawks feel Jones is at his best when he plays alongside an elite pick-and-roll ballhandler, ...It’s not clear how much Jones, will play with Young, but the Hawks know Jones’ value is rim running and catching lobs on the offensive end while providing rim protection on defense.....With the Hawks givingFernando a three-year contract this offseason and Jones being on an expiring deal, ...Jones is going to have tooutperform Fernando significantly if he is to remain on the roster past this season.


Jabari Parker 


Parker is still 24 years old and was quite effective for the Washington Wizards last season after starting the season in Chicago. He was elite at the rim, effective in creating for others, .....the Hawks have rehabilitated the careers of Dewayne Dedmon and Alex Len through their player development program......Parker has a chance to be the next player to benefit from the Hawks’ player development process, .....Parker has said he’s 100percent fine accepting a bench role......Parker is penciled in to be Collins’ primary backup at power forward....If Parker is willing to fullyaccept the reality of his situation ....this signing could certainly turn into one of the steals from this past offseason. ...look at it this way, Omari Spellman likely was going to be the team’s backup at PF if he wasn’t traded for Jones, so, if anything, the Hawks upgraded at the backup power forward spot.


Chandler Parsons 


....yada yada yada....if healthy..........


Cam Reddish 


I’ve said it before, but Reddish was the first prospect, outside of Zion Williamson (obviously), I heard the Hawks hadinterest in during last draft cycle. The Hawks saw something in him that many others didn’t.


If he’s able to turn into the player many thought he would be coming out of high school, the Hawks hit a home run with getting him at No. 10 in the draft. Hepossessed fluidity in the open court and above-average passing ability, which we only saw in limited spurts at Dukebecause of the role he was in. But when he was given his opportunity to show what he can do, he was ineffective. He shot 33 percent from 3 and an abysmal 39-percent on two-pointers.


Evan Turner 


It was clear that Jaylen Adams was not the answer ...that left Turner as the only backup point guard on the 15-man roster .......The Hawks will be in deep trouble if Young has to miss any stretch of games during the season......Turner has the most important role out of all the newcomers, however, because he’s going to be the primary facilitator when Young rests. Turner might not bring much to the table offensively in terms of scoring, but he is a solid playmaker who is capable of leading the second unit, and he’s a much better defender than Young is.



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