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Alright I have to say it..... Freeman has to go next year!

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Freeman was awesome for a while. Freeman is also why you do NOT give ANY running back a long contract extension. Draft another mid-rounder, save some money, move on down the line.

I concur, but after his best game in 2 years gotta question the timing of the thread 

I can’t believe how much hate the offense is getting after that defensive performance yesterday 

I have said this before.  Freeman might not be slower but he is too predictable.  You hand him the ball, he puts his head down and 9 out of 10 times he runs in a straight line forward.  One guy hits him to slow him down and the rest pile on.  No Zig in his Zag.  Once in a while he hits the outside.  He keeps his numbers up but in crucial plays he fails to get the extra yard needed.  I have started looking at other backs and believe for the money we can do better.

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Was that Freeman that Matt Ryan was yelling at after that miscue play last week? Did he whiff on a block again? Freeman's running is pretty decent whereas it's like he has a complete brainfart when the game's on the line. He's been bad in crucial moments in very important games by not picking up his blocks (Superbowl, Eagles playoff game) and costly fumbling (at Saints last season on the goaline, almost giving Saints the ball back in 2017 towards the end). Then I remember Keith Armstrong chewing him out on Hard Knocks for letting his man run right through him. We need a smart back who's a bruiser.

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3 minutes ago, caponine said:

average might have been the wrong word but you cant tell me that was a good game againstHouston. 

He ain’t had an amazing game yet. Best game was last game but it was against the Cards so there’s that. But he has looked better and better. First couple games our run game as a whole looked terrible. The difference with Free is he isn’t making anybody miss any more. Going down with the first hit every time. That’s what makes a RB special, making the first guy miss. It’s 11 on 11 you gotta beat at least one guy 

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