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Who would be best QB for Falcons

Who would be best QB for Falcons   

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  1. 1. Hypothetical who would be more successful for the Falcons

    • Pat Mahomes
    • Matt Ryan
    • TT Tua

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19 hours ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

The days of setting the market on qb's paydays and teams being successful are coming to pass. After Brady, Rodgers, and Brees retires the revolving door of young qb's in the nfl are whats going to make a team successful.. Teams stuck paying aging qb's top dollar are going to be mediocre at best.. Thats unless the nflpa dosnt step in and begin demanding more money for these qb's on rookie deals that are consistently out playing the vets

I do agree that teams vastly over pay the QB position. There should be a cap to the position or just don't count it towards the 53 man cap. If you want to "max out" as a QB contract, incentives/goals should be in place to earn the max. Right now guys are getting top dollar, and it looks crazy to see guys like Goff, Wentz, etc making more than Brady/Brees. QB money has been out of control for awhile, but if you have a good one you have to pay. Teams are just not going to risk losing a good QB to save cap.

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You realize it's an 84 million dead money cap hit to move Ryan this year, right? Next year, it drops to 68 mil dead money. Whoever you might think would be a better QB, there's only one QB for th

Or, you know, the Ryan of the second half of the Indy game is the one we see the rest of the year and it's F'ing bargain.

I"ll take the best Falcons QB of all time and recent league MVP for $200, Alex. threads like this don't age well. 

22 hours ago, ⚡Slumerican⚡ said:

Its hard to say atm, thats why some of the coaches make millions.. But from whats trending now in the NFL.. Put good players around cheap qb's out of college and spend money on the D.. Its definitely working atm

Noway chiefs let Mahomes  walk. 

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