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What's the best thing about dating a Falcons fan?


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...."she'll never ask for a ring!"

What's the difference between the Falcons and a dollar bill?   ....... "A dollar bill will give you four quarters!"


These are just some of the things i've endured today at work due to this team and Dan Quinn's incompetence.


I totally agree with Mark Bradley, the falcons have outscored their opponents (VIkings, Colts) in the second half, and been demolished in the first.

like Mark points out, the first half is where all your weekly coaching, film study, and preparation comes into play -- the second half is where all your adjustments come to fruition.

So we have to wonder, why isn't this talented team prepared to face their opponents. Why has our defense that the Coach put on his shoulders as a specialty been so terrible that even Jacoby Brissett can go 16/16 without an in-completion.

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