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Keanu Neal feared Achilles tear

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3 minutes ago, stizz said:

What a mistake that would have been. I'm not giving a guy 40m guaranteed just because he hits hard and can sometimes limit a tight end. I'll pay that money for a playmaker, but Neal is not that.

I agree with you, I think we would have overpaid for him and he is not nearly as good as Deion Jones or Grady Jarrett. But you know how it works here, we pay „our guys“, usually above market value.

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2 minutes ago, joeyg2033 said:

Great job Keanu...  Maybe next year it'll be a broken femur.  And the year after that who knows, maybe a heart attack in the middle of the game.  What a wasted draft pick...

Man shut the **** how bout you go have a heart attack and do us all a favor...one less jack *** on this earth 

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I feel bad for the kid! Get well KeKe.

Now as for the Falcons, they most likely will have to find a replacement for Neal going forward. As harsh and cruel as it is, not many athletes return playing at a high level ever again after those 2 injuries he's suffered. Looking for miracles everywhere.

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