How are the Saints up 20-7 at half without brees

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9 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Sean Payton coaches circles around Dan Quinn. It's embarrassing that Sean Payton has made both Dan Quinn and Mike Smith his *****.

Two things good about Vicodin boy:

1) coaching abilities

2) his daughter

I digress... he has a punchable face and wears that ridiculous visor. 

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Once Brees went down, I didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprised by the team's resolve. Our defense held us in the game long enough for special teams and our offense to finally click in. I have a greater respect for Payton for going up to Seattle who was pretty much undefeated in September at home and really lay the wood to the team. I am in shock, really. So, credit to the coaching staff for putting the players in position to win. And Alvin Kamara was a beast. It was an all around team win.

I have been a Matt Ryan apologist on here, I watched yesterday's game. That INT was confusing but other than that, he looked pretty good to me. And Julio Jones is literally unguardable. I've never seen anything like it. With he and Sanu, it would seem like the passing attack should be your bread and butter. The only real problem I see is your defense. They remind me of our days when we would constantly give up 3rd down plays by either long receptions or penalties, opposing wide receivers running wide open on the field and the QB only needing to make his initial read.  Our defense just couldn't get off of the field.It was frustrating. Opposing QB's were having perfect passer ratings and teams were punting maybe once per half, meanwhile our offense had to be perfect to just stay in the game let alone win it. Recipe for a 7-9 season or worse.

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15 hours ago, Inoffensive Display Name said:

Careful, I was threatened with banishment for never forgetting 28-3.

Your new name isn’t a word, though.  You should go with ‘283 Non-Offensive Usernames’

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