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How are the Saints up 20-7 at half without brees


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Just now, motivation2k3 said:

We need to get rid of Quinn asap. A coach prepares his team and I can't  believe what I'm  watching. I had this game marked as a loss for them and I see carolina and tampa leading as well. We may be in last place tonight

Lucky fumble returned for a TD and a punt returned where an obvious block in the back wasnt called. 

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1 minute ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Seahawks are pretenders and they’ve had a lot of miscues it seems. Carson be fumbling the game away while the punt team was terrible on the return for the score. 

Dude we lost to the colts without their best wr not playing the entire 2nd half. This **** is still mind boggling to me. We truly have issues with the AFC and we have 2 upcoming games against afc teams. I see them both as a loss followed by a L to the rams.

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8 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

Saints have a good HC.

Blank needs to stop with the DC head coaches.

Belichik was a DC. He's done all right.

Jay Gruden was an OC. He hasn't done all right.

Which side of the ball they specialized in is unimportant. Their vision for how to build a TEAM, their ability to enact that vision effectively, and their ability to control and manage the details and minutiae on a day to day basis are the only qualities that matter.

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