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You guys think Quinn is more p*ssed off than he was the last time he was more p*ssed than he’d been in a long time?

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5 hours ago, HouseofEuphoria said:

I'm sure he's pissed.

But the refs sure didn't help his mood.

15 - 3 in penalties for like 130 to 25 yds. 

Ridiculous for the most part. I understand the head to head Allen pen (Again!), but most of them were ghost calls that brought back our big plays or gave them 1st downs when we had them pinned on 3rd down.

I sure hope the NFL office investigates this ref crew and reviews this game.

They literally cost us the game several times over.

We had 16 penalties today for 128 yards. You can’t blame that entirely on the refs. Maybe if there was one or two big calls that shifted the game, but it’s more likely our guys are just undisciplined and playing bad. 

Dont put this loss on the refs. Our players didn’t execute or made dumb mistakes. Our coaches got out coached. Blaming the refs is some weak *** fan sh*t. Be better than that. 

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