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49 minutes ago, bertrain7 said:

You "fans" are being beyond absurd.

We go to an away game against a very tough opponent and mental lapses from just a couple players basically cost us the game and all of a sudden its the head coaches fault. Oliver played up and down and mostly down. I see him being replaced next game and depending how the next man up does it will affect how well our defense does. 


To top it off the refs were really picking on the Falcons that game. Colts were doing the same things the falcons were but not getting called. I know one offside the colts guard shifted his butt up really quick which then set off crawford for the offside but it was blatant the guard moved and was the cause but we got called for it.


It is definately still on the Falcons for losing a very winnable game but that was not on the Coach.


Fire Dan Quin and we wont see the playoffs for a few years. Continuity is necesarry.

If this was out of character for a Quinn-coached team, I might agree with you. However, this type of performance has become all too common. This is now two of three games this year where we just don't look like we even entered the game with a sound defensive game plan. Quinn looks clueless as to what's going on, and his in-game decision-making is a total joke. 

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