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Rico emotional interview on Keke

Ergo Proxy

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18 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Well, to be fair Neas played well for us after replacing Richards.

Eric Berry ain’t the same.

Dude has played 3 games in 2 years prior to 2019.

Yea I don’t mean it as we should bring Berry in, but more as to say this is what we’re gonna be stuck with.

Honestly I’m more concerned about Ricardo Allen and his penchant for not knowing how to tackle.  

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31 minutes ago, falconsrsuper said:

Rico was wanting to take somebodys head off today. Hopefully he wont be fined. I honestly thought he was gonna get thrown out of the game.Didnt kazzee get ejected last yr on the opening drive vs the panthers? 

Kazee was dumb enough to go after the QB. You gonna hit QB, it’s an ejection.

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1 hour ago, KRUNKuno said:

Heck no.

We have Sharrod Neasman and Kemal Ishmael


And that's the f****** problem!! None of those guys make plays. He won't bring anyone in, he will stand pat with the status quo....everything else behind Neal, currently on this team drops of the cliff in talent .

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