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This team is loaded with 5 star talent - it’s obvious the problem is

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On 9/25/2019 at 6:26 AM, Da_Truth said:

The team has 5 star talent offensively, but not defensively.  Defense has and remains to be the Falcons problem.  But now we have Koetter coming back screwing up a dynamic offense because he's "learning" how to use everyone.  WTH happened to all the off season film study to learn what the Falcons were doing offensively before his return?  This offense looks nothing like what we were previously running.  It's apparent to me that Koetter is going to call what he wants to call--his offense.

I would agree that there is more high level talent on our offense than our defense 

but our offense doesn’t operate at a high level and only got in consistent high gear under the 2nd year of OC Kyle Shanahan

Then he left and the Falcons Offense (and team overall) 

Shanahan and his offense made Quinn look much better than he really is. 

Quinn is not a high caliber HC  - we have had him long enough as HC to clearly see that  

Outside of the Shannan hire his other hires have been average at best and mostly abysmal 

His game planning and prepping team before games is not good, his in game Mgt and adjustments are not good and are average at best


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This team is loaded with 5 star talent - it’s obvious the problem is Dan Quinn and his main staff. You can take a bunch of sales superstars and have them managed by incompetent managers and an idiot C

Talent is there. Discipline is not. Smitty would win with this roster. Can’t believe I’m saying that.... @Vandy

Fifteen penalties and the first half of today’s game make it obvious. But we have brotherhood and lots of music during practice.  That’s good for a couple of wins!  Right?!?!

We got to the Super Bowl with DQ and now he's the problem? 

The problem is that we lost our offensive identity. Since losing Shannahan, we haven't had an OC that has been able to unlock an offense with a $30m QB, the highest paid WR, a top 10 paid RB, and an OL with all 1st round picks. We aren't built to stop teams we're built to outscore them!! 

Changing DQ would give us false hope but he isn't the problem. 

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I’m starting to think this whole Brotherhood falcon filter mentality is empty hogwash. We need to do something different where players from the jump are out to attack and not playing it safe waiting for the other guy to swing first.

Our whole team’s identity is a kin to prevent defense - just playing not to lose instead trying to go out and win. You can see it in our play- when we’re down 3 TDs and the game is out of hand we attack and can’t be stopped but when we’re ahead and have a chance to stomp on someone’s throat we get scared. And I’m starting to wonder if the OP is right - it’s this staff.

We need some macho, results-driven, hold everyone accountable ppl that are gonna bring real personality and aggressive style and imprint that onto this team. We have the talent to be great if we do that. The current coach speak politically correct mantra is getting stale and may be holding everything back.

Hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to believe that’s what it is. We can’t just win today’s game, we need to BEAT this team for me to think otherwise.

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18 hours ago, Hurry_Up_And_Buy said:

If DQ was really about Brotherhood Marquand would be working SOMEWHERE in the league right now & he wouldn't put the needs of the few superstars over the needs of solid role players. He's basically Mike Smith Junior at this point.

Right now DQ is not even Mike Smith Jr. -  Mike Smith Jr, woiuld probably be a slight step up  

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