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1 punt. The Colts punted ONCE

Sun Tzu 7

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That means the Colts scored every time they touched the ball except once.  Yes they didn't score on the final drive but the Falcons couldn't stop them when the had to.

This is all on Quinn.  Please no excuses about players and penalties.

Since Quinn has been with the Falcons penalties have been the norm.

This is all on Quinn the defensive 'mastermind.'

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10 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Not hard to not punt when you have 8 first downs by penalty. Not excusing Quinn either, but it was a 3 point game in the Colts house with the refs having a ******* clown fiesta. This doesn't make me angry with the Falcons so much as it makes me angry at the NFL.

3 point game and the Falcons needed to make a stop and what happened?

TEs running wild and it sure looked like a familiar play.

Then blown coverage.

And their best WR was out of the game 

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