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Flying Falcon

Anyone Still wants to keep Oliver?

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3 minutes ago, Emmitt said:

You know what they say about ‘want’? I wish it was that easy, but this doesn’t look like the year. It’s still early though and we are not out of it. Worst case, keep playing the kid and let him learn for next year.


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Count how many times Oliver got beat. That penalty that Rico got on that third pass play, a penalty was called on Oliver for DPI also. The refs just choose to enforce the helmet to helmet penalty on Rico.

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14 hours ago, jidady said:

The tape never lies...

From PFF:

"Isaiah Oliver continues to improve. He enjoyed another memorable game against Indianapolis. Oliver made an impressive pass deflection against one red-zone throw, denying TY Hilton a likely touchdown. He also had excellent coverage on a couple of other plays, forcing Brissett to try to time back-shoulder throws that fell incomplete. Atlanta has excellent depth in the secondary, and they appear to have found a cornerstone opposite Desmond Trufant in the Colorado product. "

Problem with this is the same guy Oliver also was lined up against the personnel that scored the 2 TDs and he was also in position when Jack Doyle released from the line and he let him run right pass him for the 11yd reception at the end of the game. You don't have to believe me just go watch the TDs scored and see what number pops out at you from the Falcons side of the defense.

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