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Anyone Still wants to keep Oliver?

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If we're counting, he's personally been responsible for 5 TDs so far this season

Yes. He is essentially a rookie atthe 2nd hardest position to learn. 

A week in football. Last week makes a huge stop to get the ball TOer on downs to this. He just mirrors the team at this point.Can’t put a consistent performances together.

34 minutes ago, Flying Falcon said:

You want facts? You CANT HANDLE THE FACTS!!!! Oliver is sucking like a porn star. That's facts. He's been beaten like whipped egg whites for a lemon pie, that's facts. He's given up the most yardage and TDs in this game. That's facts.

You have yet to present me anything other than childish comments and your opinion. Don't worry.... I am still waiting for what it is you say I can't handle. 

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Just now, Onlygolden1 said:

Agreed. But we don’t make changes, and we don’t make adjustments.

It’s only gonna get tougher for Oliver too, he is going to be targeted like crazy. 

Todays gonna be a tough one for Quinn, a career backup qb (albeit a good one) tore his defence to shreds. There’s enough talent on the defence to at least be a bit difficult to break down. Quinn takes most the accountability for today, ill discipline, poor scheme, too slow to adjust.

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You didn't see Oliver do anything his rookie season, what reason did you believe that he could be a servicable starter this year? In one of the forum threads in the offseason asking which positions are you most concerned about, I said it was DB and especially Oliver's position. Now teams will just pick on him all year because he's going to hold or do a pass interference.

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