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Falcons should sign Antonio Brown

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21 minutes ago, AllStarHandyMan said:

Lol only the Patriots are low enough to sign him even after the allegations.... still play him... release him and most likely dont hurt their salary cap.... 

Meanwhile in Dallas...Jerry Jones is saying, "Hey Belichick, hold my beer".  

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2 hours ago, A Pimp Named Slickback™ said:

Based on the front page... Falcons should:

Sign Antonio Brown

Trade for Jalen Ramsey

Extend Davidson


This must be us with our salary cap..


On a strange side note, Scrooge McDuck is the only one that can swim through those coins.

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1 minute ago, Rpgczar7 said:

you say it as a joke, but brown, jones, ridley and sanu would be unstoppable.

Brown was so toxic that the Steelers took a 21 mil dead money cap hit to get rid of him, then, less than 6 months later, the team that traded 2 draft picks to get him decided to cut him rather than pay him, lost a mil Then, the Patriots cut him. took a 9 million hit to do so.

That's 3 teams in less than a year who have spent 30+ mil NOT to have Brown on the roster.

No, just no.


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