Reply to Falcons Should Trade for Jalen Ramsey

By falcons007,
Let’s look at Jalen Ramsey Trufant and AJ Bouye in 2018.  Trufant: 89 Targets, 55 rec. 604 yards, 4 TD, Yards/snap 0.96 54 th in Yards given up. Jalen Ramsey : 97 ta. 53 rec. 749 yards ,2TD and 3 Int. Yards/snap:1.29. Ranked 71 among CB in Yards given up. He was slightly better than Alford. AJ Bouye: 64, 41, 417 0 TD and 1 interception. Ranked 17 in least yards. Just 0.88 yards/snap.  Jalen Ramsey was anything but **** down in 2018. Jags are not stupid to trade him.  If TD makes this trade and Jalen Ramsey plays like 2018, many would want him fired.