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What do you think are the chances of the Falcons winning the NFC South with Brees out?

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I would like to take a look at our division and see what our chances of winning the division are right now assuming we stay healthy-healthy enough. Do you guys think the Saints can win games without Drew Brees? Or do you expect them to look like garbage? Tampa bay appears to be a bigger threat than Carolina with Cam being banged up. Tampa bay also has a very winnable game with the giants coming up. The Falcons should be the odds on favorites to win this division. I would say 9-7 could win the Falcons the division. What do you guys think? Do you think any of the NFC South teams poseca big threat to the Falcons right now other than the Falcons themselves? Do you think one of the teams in our division is a sleeping giant that is a playoff caliber team? 

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Higher than they would be with him being healthy.

I dont think we know nearly enough about this team to suggest they should be a favorite to win the division. We havent really seen a good game yet. But Brees being hurt is a positive development for us, as are the struggles of the other three teams in the division. 

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Gooot ... I say we will take the South and by then we'll be ready for the playoffs ,, As I said before the season started. I think we will be the team to beat by then. No less than a top 4.. And by then we'll have it down... I've said it many times,, WE loaded more than most fans think,, We have more depth than any Falcon team I can remember...  That's what a team needs in this day of Hard Headed QB seeking missile D#s. 

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A darn sight better than with him playing....

In all seriousness every team in the NFCS has it's fair share of issues.

As it stands, I'd take ours and run very far away. An OL that needs to gel, an all pro QB that needs to stop throwing picks, and some new coordinators that need to get comfortable. All will be sorted within weeks.

Bucs are in the last chance saloon with Famous J. Arians won't stick around. 8-8 would be a serious result. Winston is one of the worst QBs in football, and they lack impact players in every unit (outside of Mike Evans).

Saints are derailed without Brees. Big time. DL is great, good offensive weapons... But that isn't gonna cut it.

Panthers. With Cam transitioning, all bets are off. I like their roster outside of him... But he's not the same player anymore, and he hasn't learnt any new leadership qualities in the office. He needs to lose his tailors number. 


10 wins should get this division, and after Brees went down, the Falcons are the only team that really should get 10+

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54 minutes ago, vel said:

The window is wide open right now for the Falcons to stake a strong claim in the south. With the coming schedule, if they can bust out a 6-2/7-1 record, that bodes well for them winning the South. They need to capitalize and make this past Sunday a common occurrence. 

If we went 7-1 the division is almost already ours. 6-2 and it’s pretty much locked up as well. Im just hoping for 5-3 and for us to not look like crap against the AFC for the first time since 2016. 

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Just now, The Great American said:

Give or take a game.  The Falcons are so inconsistent.  

True. Frustratingly true.

However... We have 1-1. Prognosticficamacation time. Doomsday style.

Pre bye week is tough. Colts, Titans, Texans, Cards, Rams, Hawks.

Call it 1 win from the 5 games. Pessimists view has us at 2-6

Bye week. 

Then the schedule gets real friendly if Brees is still hurt. All NFCS plus Jags, Niners.

We should actually win out, injuries aside. but I'll give us a loss too. 9-7

I think the strength of our 53, and having 6 stabs at the NFCS should see us to 9+


My actual view is that we win 2-3 of the 5 pre bye and win enough of the post bye games to see us playing for home field advantage. But I'm aware that I'm an optimist when it comes to this team, which has foresaken us oh so many times..


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4 minutes ago, Expert Poster said:

I think he's saying we *could* win the NFC South at .500, not that we will. Or that's how I interpreted it. 


agreed it is how I read it too. I took it a step further as I just don't see a way the other 3 are going to sniff .500:lol: (one thumb aside)

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