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Best Defender Last Night?

Ergo Proxy

Best Defender vs PHI  

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  1. 1. Who was the best player on Defense?

    • Desmond Trufant
    • Grady Jarrett
    • Vic Beasley
    • Takkarist McKinley
    • Keanu Neal
    • Ricardo Allen
    • Deion Jones
    • Entire Defense or Other?

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Falcons vs. Eagles: Who was the defensive player of the game?

It was legitimately tough to narrow this list down. Whew.

By David J Walker@FalcoholicDW  Sep 16, 2019, 4:00pm EDT

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Going into this game, yours truly felt like the Eagles and Falcons offenses were going to dominate the night. Of course, Atlanta end up grabbing three interceptions, while pressuring Carson Wentz all night against an offensive line that is one of the best in the league.

It was an impressive performance with multiple guys delivering in a big, big way. Here are your candidates for defensive player of the game.

Desmond Trufant

It’s nice to see Trufant returning to his Pro Bowl form this season. After a couple of rough years, Tru has settled back in to his role as a legit CB1 on this defense. He shocked Falcons fans by grabbing not one — but TWO interceptions on the evening, helping to limit the damage Wentz and company would do. It was an impressive game for him and a reminder that he still has plenty to offer.

Grady Jarrett

Do I include Jarrett too often on these lists? I’d say no, because yet again he was one of the most dominant forces in the game. Stats never tell the whole story (though he did get a sack) as Grady was constantly wrecking the interior of the Eagles offensive line. His new contract is already looking like a bargain with his elevated level of play. He’s arguably one of the most important players on this defense and his ability to deliver every single week is simply remarkable.

Takkarist McKinley

Carson Wentz is probably waking up with nightmares of McKinley for the rest of the week. Takk didn’t put up significant stats, but anyone watching the game could tell you that he was a wrecking ball all evening. He repeatedly chased down Wentz, hitting him multiple times and forcing several errant throws. If this was any other QB, there’s a good chance Takk finishes the night with two or more sacks. What an impressive performance from the third-year pass rusher.

Keanu Neal

After a rough opening game, Neal bounced back in impressive fashion. He had eight tackles on the evening and helped to keep Zach Ertz quiet for most of the game. It was encouraging to see the hard-hitting safety playing at such a high level again, especially coming off the torn ACL from 2018. Let’s hope we continue to see Neal execute at this level.


Honestly, you can add several other names as legitimate candidates. Isaiah Oliver bounced back and had a really strong game overall, including the key tackle that kept the Eagles from converting a late fourth down. Deion Jones was a force against the run and the pass yet again. Ricardo Allen was roaming the field and delivering big hits. Take your pick and let us know who you would consider in our comments below.

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I was once again impressed by the play of guys like Bailey and Davison in base D. Surprised Eagles spread us 3 Wide early and often instead of testing our edge run Defense more by design. We were stout inside when they ran on us and this let us unleash the pass rush.

I think everyone had at least a solid or good game on defense, but I pick Tru because he has always been close on INTs. If this guy keeps picking off passes this year we are going far because you aren't gonna have Ryan throw multiple picks every game. That should've been a blowout with the turnovers by Tru but it was a team D effort.

We scored twice off Turnovers, iirc. The KR fumble after halftime by Sheffield and the Tru pick that gave Ryan a 3rd shot at burning Darby deep after missing twice on the drive before. (was that the Bryant missed FG)?

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4 minutes ago, athell said:

Options everywhere but gotta be Tru imo.  2 picks and played a part in some coverage sacks.  He looked great.

Indeed he did.

The pass rush helped him though.....i think both of his picks came as Wentz was getting hit.

Last night was a great example of the defense playing off eachother.

The secondary had great coverage most of the night....the pass rush was relentless amd the linebackers were on pount.

Great overall team defense

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Dline played great. I did notice that Beasley was getting some good pressure. He should've had two sacks, but somehow Wentz managed to complete a pass when Beasley was dragging him down and finished the game with one.  Don't know if he'll come close to those numbers he put up a few years ago but I'm hoping he can continue to improve.

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Do 8 year olds write the blog. Missed key players. 

Rico: He was every where, pre snap making sure the LB and DB are lining up. Made plays in end zone.. 

Tyler Davison: He was one of the reason Run D was good. Gave Jones, Grady and other guys chance to make plays. 

Vic: he made crucial plays and him adjusting to block a screen which Takk got credit for was good. 

Allen Bailey did lot of dirty work in shutting down their run game. 


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I just say the DL as a whole.   That game was a bloody, physical trench war, and the Falcons DL won the battle. 

These signings of Bailey and Davison were all world.  Davison and Bailey cannot be bullied and shoved around by bigger OL.

The Eagles beat us in trenches in 2017 playoffs. We beat the Eagles in the trenches last night. 

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Agreed on the DL helping us a lot and ESPECIALLY against the run...

BUT we also had VERY good coverage; maybe due to them losing Desean and Jeffery, but that created pressure, too?

Grady and Vic's sacks were BOTH coverage sacks.

This is why I picked Tru as the standpoint from the secondary with the biggest plays but it could be anyone that showed up on Defense.

Rico being back is going to help get this secondary right and hopefully get the back and LB core be on the same page.

We held them to 40% on RZ trips. That's awesome. 2 forced FGs and then ending their 4th down short of the 1st; since a FG wouldn't win it.

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44 minutes ago, Mid-Nite-Toker said:

Voted for Trufant because of the interception criticisms...came up with 2.

I thought Rico might've had the biggest play overall...wiped away a sure td.

The best part about that play was that he called it pre-snap. The hit was amazing, but the fact that he ran up and let the corner know what was coming was the coolest thing.

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3 minutes ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I chose the entire defense....they worked as well as Ive seen in a long time on all 3 levels....

Very valid choice. Team Defense means it can be a different hero making a play game to game. Oliver got beat deep on the Nelson drop, but he came back to tackle Ertz for the game winning play.

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So awesome to see such  team defense...

Im gonna go with Oliver. He made the tackle that simply has not been made over and over for this team, in a clutch situation on national TV at that, (Neal cleaned up almost broke guy in half). The many polled candidates are all worthy, but if he wiffed….

This could be just what Oliver needs to blossom with confidence and play making, growing pains still happening but man

Curious if DQ gave him a game ball,

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